Check Reorder

If you own shares of an American Century Investments® mutual fund that offers the CheckWriting service, you can reorder your checks securely online.

Reorder Checks

  1. Log In with your User Name and Password.
  2. On the Account Summary page, find the name of the fund.
  3. Below the fund name, select More Options, then select Order Checks.

What You Need to Know About Our CheckWriting Service

Will I receive confirmation statements for checks written against my account?

Yes, a confirmation statement is mailed to the investor confirming each check that is written against your account. You can also view what checks have cleared securely online. See the Transaction History/Pending Transactions site help topic for more information.


  • CheckWriting checks cannot be ordered on accounts that have a zero balance.
  • CheckWriting checks can only be mailed to the address of record.
  • There is a hold period of seven calendar days for investments - these funds are not available for CheckWriting until the hold period has expired.
  • To be honored, CheckWriting checks must be signed by the required authorized individuals designated by the investor.
  • CheckWriting checks must be written for at least $100.
  • CheckWriting checks may not be written for more than $1,000,000.

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