Direct Deposit

A Direct Deposit, unlike an Automatic Investment, begins when you notify the payer (i.e. the source of the money to be invested). Requirements to establish a direct deposit vary depending on the payer.

Payers can include:

  • Your employer
  • Your pension provider
  • Social Security
  • Other U.S. government entities

Generally, establishing a Direct Deposit requires completion of Direct Deposit Authorization form and an IRS Direct Deposit Sign-Up form, both available when you contact us.

View Direct Deposit Instructions for more information.

Important Note: If you use American Century Investments® CheckWriting checks, please do not use a blank check or your CheckWriting check number. Your direct deposit will not transmit properly with the CheckWriting check information and will likely be rejected by the banking system.

Please contact us to determine what information your situation requires to establish a direct deposit.