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Grant, Revoke, or Refuse Account Access

The Grant Account Access feature allows you to grant another individual access to your account for the purposes of viewing the holdings in your account or transacting (investments, exchanges or redemptions) on your behalf.

This feature is useful if you are responsible for multiple accounts registered under different tax identification numbers (e.g. spouse, child, etc.) and you would like to access and transact on these accounts after you Log In with your User Name and Password.

Grant Account Access to Another Individual

  1. Log In with your User Name and Password.
  2. Select My Profile.
  3. Select Link Accounts iunder Account Management. 
  4. Under Grant Account Access, enter the Social Security number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the individual to whom you want to grant account access. The person whose SSN or EIN you enter will also need to have completed the New User Registration process.
  5. Select the Submit button.
  6. Select the accounts you want to grant another individual access, then the Continue button.
  7. Read the Grant Access Legal Agreement, add a checkmark next to the accounts for which you are granting access and select the Accept button.
  8. Review the Confirmation, then select the Done button.

In addition to granting account access, you may also revoke account access and refuse account access.

Revoke Account Access that was Granted to Another Individual

Refuse Account Access Granted by Another Individual

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