Money Market Details

Steps to View

  1. Log In with your User Name and Password.
  2. On the Account Summary page, select the fund name to expand information about the fund.

MTD (Month to Date) Earned Dividend

Track earned dividends for your money market fund account as they accrue daily until they are paid to the account on the last business day of the month. The MTD Earned Dividends amount displayed is not included in money market fund's account value until the dividends are distributed.

Available CheckWriting Balance

The displayed amount is the balance available for writing checks through our CheckWriting service, and may be different than the total value. The amount does not include:

  • hold periods for the purchase of shares in the fund*
  • outstanding CheckWriting checks
  • pending transactions
  • earned dividends that have not been paid to the account

*Visit this FAQ for more information on hold periods: How soon can I write a check?