Multifactor Authentication

Online Account Security

In addition to encryption technology and digital certificates, American Century Investments® protects your online account access with a multifactor authentication.

What Is Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication provides an extra layer of security to your account. It prevents someone else from logging in to your account even if they have your password by requiring extra identity verification using a numeric code received on your phone. This process better protects your account by requiring something you know (your password) as well as something you have (your phone) when you log in.

There are multiple ways that you can receive the security code on your phone. You can choose any of the following methods:

  • SMS Text: A single-use numeric code sent via a text message
  • Voice Call: A single-use numeric code given to you through a voice call
  • Google Authenticator: A QR code to be used with Google Authentication mobile app

You must setup at least one of these methods, but you can set up all three if you'd like. To reset your password or unlock your account without contacting customer service, you must setup either the SMS text or voice call method.

How Multifactor Authentication Works

Logging in to your account will be a multi-step process:

  1. You'll enter your password. This will be your regular password for the website.
  2. You'll be asked for an additional code. You'll follow the prompts and a code will be sent to your phone via a text, voice call, or using the Google Authenticator mobile app.

Be sure to keep the phone number used for your multifactor authentication method(s) up-to-date to ensure that you never lose access.


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