Account Security: Log In for Required Changes

No one wants to remember a new password. But the password change and other updates are part of our expanded security measures. Updating your account now will give you easier and faster access when you need it most.

4 Easy Steps to Update Your Account

  1. Enter your username (at the top right corner of this page)
  2. Answer a challenge question
  3. Choose a new password
  4. Choose a login code option (NEW)

How to Get a Login Code (and Why You Need It)

Logging in to your account will now require a separate login code, which is how we help verify it’s really you accessing your account.

You can request your login code via one of the following options:

  • Text message: We send you a code via text message on your phone.
  • Voice call: We call you and provide a code over the phone.

After you update your account, you’ll also have the option to choose Google Authenticator for your login code. See the FAQs for additional login code options.

Need help?

Read our Quick Guide.

Check out the video below.

You can also get more details in the FAQs below.

FAQs: Account Security and Multifactor Authentication

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Can I access my account from different devices?

What if I'm not near the phone I use for multifactor authentication?

What do I do if the phone I use for multifactor authentication is lost or stolen?

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

What if I didn't receive the verification code via text message or phone call?

What if Google Authenticator codes aren't working on my Android?