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Avantis Investors® Launches Three New Active ETFs


Kansas City, Missouri
Launching—3 new ETFs

Today, Avantis Investors®, a $30 billion* investment offering from global asset manager American Century Investments®, continues to grow its exchange traded fund (ETF) platform with the listing of three new ETFs: Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF (AVMC), Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Value ETF (AVMV) and Avantis Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity ETF (AVEE). Each fund seeks long-term capital appreciation and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Arca, Inc.).

"Our goal has always been to offer a comprehensive suite of funds for investors," said Avantis Chief Investment Strategist Phil McInnis. "Year-to-date we've seen over $9 billion in net inflows across our strategies. The response from investors has been really positive, and as we continue to see demand from clients, we'll develop new solutions to help them."

All three funds seek securities of companies that it expects to have higher returns by placing an enhanced emphasis on securities of companies with smaller market capitalizations and securities of companies with higher profitability and value characteristics. AVMC and AVMV invest primarily in a diverse group of U.S. mid cap companies across market sectors and industry groups, and AVEE invests primarily in a diverse range of small cap companies related to emerging markets across market sectors, industry groups and countries.


Gross Expense Ratio

Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF


Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Value ETF


Avantis Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity ETF


The ETFs will be co-managed by Avantis Chief Investment Officer Eduardo Repetto, Senior Portfolio Managers Mitchell Firestein, Daniel Ong, CFA and Ted Randall, and Portfolio Manager Matthew Dubin.

"The Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF and Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Value ETF are our first dedicated mid-cap solutions and enhance our range of investment choices, providing investors more tools for building well-rounded, diversified portfolios," said Firestein. "The Avantis Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity ETF complements our existing small cap offerings, the Avantis U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF (AVSC) and the Avantis International Equity Small Cap ETF (AVDS). We now offer a full range of small cap solutions across global equity markets. We always enjoy launching new funds and we are excited to add another small cap ETF to our lineup."

The three new funds are the latest additions to Avantis' growing ETF lineup, which has added six new ETFs this year. In June, Avantis launched Avantis All Equity Markets Value ETF (AVGV), Avantis All International Markets Equity ETF (AVNM), Avantis All International Markets Value ETF (AVNV) and Avantis Moderate Allocation ETF (AVMA). All four ETFs are "fund of funds," and utilize a range of existing Avantis ETFs to build out multi-region and multi-asset class solutions that offer investors tax-efficient allocations. Avantis expanded again in July with the launch of Avantis International Small Cap Equity ETF (AVDS), an actively managed fund that invests primarily in a diverse group of non-U.S. small cap companies across market sectors, industry groups and countries, and again in September with Avantis U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (AVLC), an actively managed fund that invests primarily in a diverse group of U.S. large cap companies across market sectors and industry groups.

Today's new funds, as well as the six launched earlier this year, join Avantis' lineup of ETFs and mutual funds spanning equities, fixed income and real estate. Current Avantis funds include:

Avantis helps clients achieve their investment goals through a persistent focus on providing well-diversified investment solutions that fit seamlessly into asset allocations and combine the potential for added value with the consistency of indexing. Repetto and Chief Operating Officer Patrick Keating, CFA, CPA have led Avantis since its 2019 start.

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are bought and sold through exchange trading at market price (not NAV), and are not individually redeemed from the fund. Shares may trade at a premium or discount to their NAV in the secondary market. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns.

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These funds are actively managed ETFs that do not seek to replicate the performance of a specified index. To determine whether to buy or sell a security, the portfolio managers consider, among other things, various fund requirements and standards, along with economic conditions, alternative investments, interest rates and various credit metrics. If the portfolio manager considerations are inaccurate or misapplied, the fund's performance may suffer.

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International investing involves special risks, such as political instability and currency fluctuations. Investing in emerging markets may accentuate these risks.


Historically, small- and/or mid-cap stocks have been more volatile than the stock of larger, more-established companies. Smaller companies may have limited resources, product lines and markets, and their securities may trade less frequently and in more limited volumes than the securities of larger companies.


Generally, as interest rates rise, the value of the bonds held in the fund will decline. The opposite is true when interest rates decline.


Generally, as interest rates rise, the value of the bonds held in the fund will decline. The opposite is true when interest rates decline.

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