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While it may seem tempting to cash out your retirement plan money for emergencies or short-term expenses, know that you could lose a significant portion of that money right from the start. Income taxes, a 10% federal penalty tax for early distribution, and state taxes could leave you with barely over half of your original amount, depending on your situation. This calculator can help you decide.

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Marginal Tax Rate (Tax Rate)

The highest percentage of tax applied to the last dollar of income, based on the income tax rates set annually by the federal government that are organized into tax brackets. Here is a hypothetical example using 2017 income tax rates in the above table to determine the marginal tax rate for someone with taxable income of $80,000** who is married, filing jointly:

  • The marginal tax rate is 25% because the taxable income falls within the $75,900 - $153,100 range.

**Does not include state taxes, local taxes, tax credits, exemptions or deductions. Also does not include qualified dividends or long-term capital gains, which are taxed from 0% - 20%, depending on your tax bracket.

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