My Account

Grant Access Legal Agreement

I hereby authorize and appoint:

The person associated with the Tax ID provided.

To act as my agent and attorney-in-fact (hereinafter "my agent") to buy, sell and trade mutual funds or, if my account is a brokerage account, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options contracts, precious metals and any other securities or contracts relating to the same on margin or otherwise, and to grant and revoke consent on my behalf regarding the manner of delivery of documents and other information relating to my account.

Any trades undertaken on my behalf will be in accordance with American Century Services, LLC's and American Century Brokerage (collectively referred to as "American Century Investments") current terms and conditions for my account and risk and in my name or number on your books. This authorization shall apply to online transactions only.

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless American Century Investments, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from any and all losses arising as a result of any action taken by my agent under the authority granted by this authorization, including, but not limited to, any debit balance due and any and all losses arising from any trades undertaken by my agent.

In all such purchases, sales, or trades, and in connection with the granting or revoking of consent on my behalf, you are authorized to follow the instructions of my agent in every respect; and my agent is authorized to act for me and in my behalf in the same manner and with the same force and effect as I could do personally. I also ratify and confirm any and all transactions with you made by my agent on my account.

This authorization and indemnity is in addition to (and in no way limits or restricts) any rights that American Century Investments may have under any other agreement or agreements with me including the American Century Investments Brokerage Customer Agreement.

This authorization and indemnity is also a continuing one and shall remain in full force and effect until actual receipt by American Century Investments of my written notice of revocation. No such revocation shall affect any liability in any way resulting from transactions initiated by my agent prior to such revocation. This authorization and indemnity shall inure to the benefit of American Century Investments its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns.