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It may seem tough to save for retirement when you have today's bills to pay. But the reality is that YOU are the most important piece in saving enough money for the retirement you want. Also available as PDF .

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Target-Date Investing

Find out about target-date funds and how they are designed to help with your retirement goal.

Choose Your Path

Learn more about our One Choice® Target Date Portfolios.

Hope Is Not a Strategy

Not sure if you are saving enough? It's time to make a plan.

Trim Dining-Out Expenses

Finding money to save for retirement can be tough. Cutting down on dining out can help.

A No Regrets Retirement

Learn from the experience of others, and use some basic budgeting strategies to help you stay on track.

A One Choice Target Date Portfolio's target date is the approximate year when investors plan to retire or start withdrawing their money. The principal value of the investment is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date.

Each target-date One Choice Target Date Portfolio seeks the highest total return consistent with American Century Investments' proprietary asset mix. Over time, the asset mix and weightings are adjusted to be more conservative. In general, as the target year approaches, the portfolio's allocation becomes more conservative by decreasing the allocation to stocks and increasing the allocation to bonds and money market instruments.

Find Ways to Save

Take Advantage of Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan

Once you're participating in a plan, try to take full advantage of it.


Build Your Plan

Get Ready for Retirement Booklet

If you're just starting out or approaching your retirement years, this booklet can show you how to take advantage of your retirement plan—no matter what stage you're in.

Develop Your Retirement Savings Portfolio

Learn about some of the most common investment choices and how they can help you fine-tune your mix.

Recipes for a Healthy Portfolio

Understand how the proper asset allocation can give you a better chance at retirement success.


Stay on Track

Life Happens

Major life events like marriage and having children can all have an impact on how you save.

What's Holding You Back?

It may seem tough to save for retirement when you have today's bills to pay. But the reality is that YOU are the most important factor in saving enough money for the retirement you want.

Slow Start to Saving for Retirement?

Whether you got a late start or you just plain haven’t been saving enough, there are ways to make up for lost time—with some planning.

Saving Enough for Retirement?

To find out if you’re saving enough, for retirement, review your savings at key checkpoints in life to identify and overcome possible gaps.

Ready, Set, Retire!

What's your plan after your final paycheck? If your retirement date is less than 10 years away, it's a good time to start thinking about the transition from work to retirement.

College Savings Investing

With a little planning, it's possible to pursue the benefits of higher education without breaking the bank.

Consolidate Your Retirement Savings

Have money in an old retirement plan? Learn how rolling over those funds may give you more control over your retirement savings.


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