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Private Client Group services are for investors who seek professional financial planning and wealth management services. Our advice and planning services are performed by registered financial consultants and a dedicated client service team. Our commitment is to provide a financial roadmap for the future that is designed to help you grow and maintain your wealth, and achieve future goals. We’ll do that by partnering with you on this journey.

Private Client Group Services

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Face the future with a customized financial plan built upon a deep understanding of your goals.

Expert Oversight

Expert Oversight

Rely on our investment professionals to actively oversee and respond to portfolio risks.

Comprehensive Online Picture

Comprehensive Online Picture

My Financial Insight enables you to monitor all your accounts in one place for a clear view of your financial picture.

Ongoing Personal Attention

Ongoing Personal Attention

Stay on track with our regular plan monitoring, full account services and portfolio adjustments as needed.

Exclusive Events

Exclusive Events

Enjoy access to exclusive financial education events and unique experiences reserved for valued clients like you.

Comprehensive Online Picture

Industry Outlook

Stay informed on market and industry events through our monthly client newsletter.

Plan for the Path Forward

Look to American Century® Private Client Group to help you plan for life's important goals. More than a service, it's a partnership between you and experienced financial consultants who are specially trained and committed to providing the highest level of personal attention for your financial needs.

A Distinctive Feature

Because we value being a trusted partner on your financial journey, we also recognize the importance of a straightforward service arrangement. With Private Client Group, you'll pay a single, all-inclusive fee:

  • With 0.9% of assets assessed without additional charges along the way
  • That covers both advisory services and asset management

A single, transparent fee lets more of your dollars work for you.

Let Us Join You on Your Journey

Review the FAQs or contact a Financial Consultant at 1-833-442-2737 to learn more about the personal attention and services available through the Private Client Group.

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Annual Investment Advisory Fee is .90% for $5 million and under and .70% for balances over $5 million. American Century Private Client Group charges a single annual fee based on the value of your assets under management with us. The single fee includes our Private Client Solutions, along with any underlying trading costs, commissions, and custody services related to our recommendations. American Century financial consultants do not receive a portion or a range of the advisory fee paid by clients. Client-oriented trades outside of our recommendations and other activities like wire transfer fees, may result in additional cost.

Private Client Group advisory services are provided by American Century Personal Financial Solutions, Inc., a registered investment advisor. This service is generally for clients with a minimum $100,000 investment. Call us to determine the level of service that is appropriate for you. The advisory service provides discretionary investment management for a fee. All investing involves risk.