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Private Client Group Services

What is the Private Client Group?

The Private Client Group is our premium advice service that’s dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. It’s an exclusive advisory service reserved for clients who are looking for more than investments. When you need financial planning and advice to help for the next leg on your financial journey, the Private Client Group is here for you.

Can you provide financial planning?

Yes. Our kind of financial planning begins with a personal relationship between you and a financial consultant. He or she will understand your needs and the priorities that are most important to you. From there, you will receive a well-defined plan that considers your financial needs. And when you discuss changing circumstances or goals, we'll update your plan accordingly.

How often will I speak with a financial consultant?

Consistent communication is a hallmark of the Private Client Group. We will personally reach out to schedule reviews. Those reviews will keep you informed about your progress, give you an opportunity to discuss how things have or have not changed and whether your plan needs adjusting. You're always invited to reach out and speak with us between regularly scheduled reviews.

Why would I choose Private Client Group over another advisor?

The Private Client Group is built on the same principles you know from American Century Investments. The dedication to integrity, performance and service that all focus on helping clients reach their financial goals is shared by the Private Client Group. The frankness of our interactions and the clarity of our fee structure show our commitment to doing what's right for clients like you.

If I choose the Private Client Group, am I locked in?

You are never locked in to the Private Client Group and can move your assets at any time without a penalty or charge.


How much is the fee?

The Private Client Group charges one fee that covers portfolio management costs and advice services. Lower than what you may be paying for investment products alone, we charge 0.90% for both. You know from the start what you will pay and there are no hidden fees.*

When is the fee charged?

Private Client Group fees are paid in advance. Because we believe strongly in our one-fee approach, you get paid back for product expenses at the end of each quarter (in the month following the end of each quarter: April for 1st Quarter, July for 2nd Quarter, October for 3rd Quarter and January for 4th Quarter).

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Annual Investment Advisory Fee is 0.90% for balances $5 million and under and 0.70% for balances over $5 million. American Century Investments Private Client Group charges a single annual fee based on the value of your assets under management with us. The single fee includes our Private Client Solutions, along with any underlying trading costs, commissions, and custody services related to our recommendations. American Century Investments' financial consultants do not receive a portion, or a range of the advisory fee paid by clients. Client-oriented trades outside of our recommendations and other activities like wire transfer fees, may result in additional cost. 

Private Client Group advisory services are provided by American Century Investments Private Client Group, Inc., a registered investment advisor. This service is generally for clients with a minimum $50,000 investment. Call us to determine the level of service that is appropriate for you. The advisory service provides discretionary investment management for a fee. All investing involves risk.