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How to Make Money in Retirement

An older man looking at the wood pieces he is using to make a guitar.

Life in retirement is changing.

While your parents might have jumped straight from full-time work to days of leisure, modern retirees are increasingly looking to work during retirement. Perhaps you want to augment your Social Security benefits; perhaps you’re just eager to continue using your hard-won skills. But, whether you want to keep working out of desire or necessity, you have more options than ever.

Keep in mind that, before you reach full retirement age, your Social Security benefit may be reduced if you earn too much money. In 2021, $2 earned over $18,960 will cost you $1 of Social Security benefit. However, once you reach full retirement age, you'll receive your entire Social Security benefit, regardless of how much additional income you bring in.

So, if you’re wondering how to go about making supplemental income in retirement, consider these five paths to boost your income and engage your energies.

1. Use Part-Time Work to Launch a New Adventure

If you plan to supplement your income with a part-time salary, now might be the perfect time to explore something different. Instead of sticking with the industry that you worked in full time before retirement, try something new or pursue a job that fits with your interests or hobbies.

Love working with kids? Look into becoming a teacher’s aide. If you’re an animal lover, see if your neighborhood shelter could use some part-time help. For nature fans, consider working to maintain hiking trails.

2. Market the Skills You Already Have

If you love the type of work you used to do, pitch your services as a consultant. Or channel your expertise into editing textbooks or reviewing professional papers.

After decades in the workforce, you have definitely got some skills to share.

What about other abilities and skills you’ve picked up in life? Advertise yourself as a handyman, a fixer of broken websites or a voice-over artist.

And if you’re good with crafts, consider selling some of your projects. Go local with craft fairs and farmers markets or sell online through a marketplace like Etsy.

3. Share Your Knowledge With Eager Learners

You've learned a lot over the years. Passing on your knowledge and practical experience through teaching can be financially and personally valuable. Give one-on-one music lessons to local kids or adult learners. Sign up as an after-school tutor. Or join an online tutoring program to work with students around the country. Look into sites like Outschool, which let you create, advertise and run a virtual class for school-age children.

Teaching can be a rewarding way to share your time and talents.

Even if you’re not a trained educator, you can still teach classes through your local library, community center or senior center. Share your secrets to résumé writing, meditation, computer literacy and so much more.

Or work for a test prep center like Kaplan or the Princeton Review. Help students prepare for one of many licensing exams or standardized tests, like the GED, SAT or LSAT.

4. Find Gig Work That Fits Your Schedule

Don’t want to punch a clock in retirement? Lend a hand to your neighbors with babysitting, pet-walking or housesitting services. Sign up for a task service like TaskRabbit, which lets you choose and get paid for odd jobs.

Set your hours with jobs that let you tackle as little or as much as you like.

Want to earn money on the road? Hop in your car as a ride-sharing driver for a company like Uber or Lyft. Or look into food delivery services and transport food from restaurants or retailers to hungry home diners. Popular businesses include Instacart, Shipt, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates and Uber Eats.

5. Take Advantage of Virtual Jobs

These days, you don’t need to commute for meaningful work. Join the rapidly growing number of virtual assistants who handle everything from appointment making to email management for busy people. Or apply for a job in a virtual call center, which lets you field customer questions directly from home.

Got a good ear? Pick up extra cash at home as a transcriptionist. Or use your language skills to translate audio files or text.

Today, there are more opportunities than ever to earn extra money without leaving home.

Whether you’re already retired or preparing to transition out of the workforce, you have options. These days, there are so many jobs to supplement retirement income. With a bit of planning and exploration, you might find a path that fits your needs and helps you live your dream retirement.

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