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What Are Money Market Funds and Other Cash-Equivalent Investments?

Short-term, highly liquid investments

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Looking for ways to manage your cash? Whether your goal is preserving capital, maintaining liquidity, generating income or diversifying your portfolio, we offer a variety of short-term, cash-equivalent investments that can help you reach your investing objectives.

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Money market investments are designed to preserve capital when you are investing for shorter-term goals. Our funds offer a high-quality alternative for your cash investment. Each fund features free CheckWriting and other convenient ways to access your money.

Taxable Money Markets*
Returns from taxable money market funds are generally subject to federal, state and local taxes. Our funds invest in short-term U.S. government securities and high-quality, short-term corporate debt securities.

Tax-Free Money Markets
Tax-free money market funds seek to provide tax-free income in addition to preserving capital. Our tax-free money market funds invest in short-term municipal securities issued by federally tax-exempt entities that, in some cases, are also exempt from state and local taxes.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are federally insured deposits issued by banking institutions. They feature a set time frame and an interest rate that is usually fixed for the term of the CD. If you're looking for lower risk and reliable returns, CDs may be right for you.

Investing in individual U.S. Treasury securities gives you exposure to the highest credit quality securities available. Choose the maturity period that suits your goals, and know exactly what yield you will receive if you hold the security until it reaches its maturity date.

Have Money You Don't Need Right Away?

Higher quality short-term investments, like money market funds, generally are not designed to keep up with the average rate of inflation over time. You can manage your return potential and risk exposure by investing money you don’t need immediately in longer maturity bond investments. Learn more about bond funds.

American Century® Brokerage services provides you access to a full range of individual securities and investment vehicles that can help you build a portfolio to help you meet your investment goals.

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Please keep in mind when writing a check from a taxable account, that each check may create a taxable event.

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