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Through our ownership structure, generating results for our clients also supports the work of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

Managing Money, Making an Impact

After their personal experiences with cancer, our founder Jim Stowers and his wife, Virginia, wanted to give back to a world that had afforded them so much success. To do that, they established the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

The Institute is dedicated to uncovering the causes, treatments and cures for life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes and dementia. And through its ownership structure, American Century Investments directs over 40% of its profits each year to the Institute.

This unique relationship allows the over 500 scientists and other support staff to focus exclusively on innovative medical research rather than grant writing.

Learn more about the studies and breakthroughs happening inside the Institute.

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Sign outside of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research that reads, "Hope for Life".

Together, we can become a powerful force for good.

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