College Investing Insights

Smart Ways for Grandparents to Save & Pay for College

Learn how grandparents can save and pay for a child's college tuition to minimize negative impacts on financial aid.

Financial Literacy for College-Bound Students

It's important to teach your college-bound student the basics of financial literacy. Here's what they should know about money and personal finances.

529 Plans: Not Just for Tuition (and Other Myths Busted)

529 education savings plans aren’t as restrictive as you might think. Learn how to take advantage to invest in the future.

Get the Most Out of Your 529

Wondering what qualifies as an eligible expense for 529 plan funds? If you don't need it for room and board this year, you have many great options.

How RMDs Can Boost 529 Education Savings Plans

Your required minimum distribution (RMD) can be an excellent resource for funding a tax-deferred 529 education savings plan for a loved one.

5 Quick Year-End Tax Tips

Tax Day might seem far off, but you still have time to beat year-end deadlines to help reduce your tax bill and boost next year’s refund. Here’s how.

Three Reasons to Give the Gift of College Savings

Gifts are important to kids. So is an education. Start a new tradition with college contributions.

Learn the Essential Terms of Paying for College

Learn the definitions of the top terms and acronyms you’ll encounter when saving for and paying for your children's college educations.

Crowdfunding College—Learn How Gifts Can Boost Savings

Boost savings and lessen the need for loans. Have loved ones give money towards college for holidays, birthdays and other milestones.

Quarters for College: Teaching Kids about Money and Higher Education

Saving for college is a family affair. Introduce money concepts early so kids can watch (and help) their savings grow.

Saving for College: Bring Your Kids in on the Plan

Saving for college can be a challenge, but engaging your children gives them an important role in the process. We show you how.

College Dreaming? Send Yourself Back to School

Thinking about going back to school? It pays to investigate your college payment options and plan ahead—even if you have limited time.

Give and Receive with Accelerated 529 Gifting

Beyond the tax-advantages afforded by 529 plans, gifting money for college may help fulfill a child's dreams for the future. An accelerated gift may also reduce the benefactor's estate taxes. This can add up to good news for college-bound recipients and gift givers alike.

Invest Where Your Heart Is

The gift of education invests in more than tuition, books or room and board. It invests in someone's heartfelt hopes and passions.

Someday, "Back to School" Will Mean Off to College

Your kid is one first day of school closer to the last day of high school. Saving for college now may help offset the burden of student debt.

The Boomerang Generation and Growing Student Debt

Guest blogger Jake LaTurner discusses how to save for college to help keep your kids from joining the Boomerang Generation.

May 29: Celebrate Education Savings Day

May 29 is nationally recognized as 529 College Savings Day, a day focused on the value of investing for future education expenses.

A Grand(parent) Gesture: Gift of College Savings

For many grandparents, doting on grandkids is part of the fun. Learn why the Fogliassos have chosen the gift of college savings.