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Financial Advisor Tax Strategies

Stay on top of tax planning

Taxes. It’s a subject that raises a lot of questions from investors. How do they stay on top of tax requirements? What are the tax implications of an investment? And most importantly, how can they pay less of them? Help your clients understand how tax-efficient investing strategies and tax rules may affect their portfolios.

Tax Tips

ETFs and Loss Harvesting

Manage your taxes with ETFs and Loss Harvesting – selling losing positions to offset capital gains and adding a more tax-efficient investment – a viable strategy to help clients mitigate their tax bills.

Understanding the Tax Efficiency of ETFs

Read our case study comparing the tax impact of ETFs versus mutual funds.

Investing Today, Taxing Tomorrow

Cashing out an asset can trigger an avalanche of investment taxes. But with the right strategy, you may be able to lower them.

2024 Fast Tax Facts

Each year, the IRS releases new information. Our quick reference guide will help you understand this year’s updates.

Tax Planning Tool

Learn about a complimentary tool that zeros in on current holdings and quantifies potential tax savings to clients.