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Designate a Trusted Contact

You may designate someone you trust (“a trusted contact”) to act as a resource if we lose contact with you or we believe you and/or your assets are at risk. Download and complete this form to designate a trusted contact.

Additional optional services can be added to your account.


Establish the convenience of easy access to your American Century Brokerage account by completing the Brokerage CheckWriting Service Authorization.

Establish a Corestone Account and enjoy the flexibility of CheckWriting, Visa® Debit Card and enhanced cost basis tracking by completing the Brokerage Corestone Account Application.

Add Bank Information
To invest funds from your bank or to send funds to your bank by ACH (Automated Clearing House) or wire, complete our Brokerage Investment and Redemption Form.
Cost Basis Reporting Method
For information on your default cost basis elections and options available to you, please visit What the Changes to Cost Basis Mean to You.

Mutual Fund and Equity Dividend Reinvestments

Dividend and capital gain distributions may be reinvested or swept into your brokerage account. New mutual fund purchases default to reinvest. Equity purchases default to pay the distributions as cash to your sweep account. A security issuer may declare an optional dividend that requires you elect either cash or stock prior to payment. We will apply your dividend reinvestment instruction to any future optional dividends, unless you notify us of alternate instructions prior to the election cut-off time. If you desire to change the defaults, please contact us at 1-888-345-2071 once your account is established.


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