Critical Client Conversations

Easing Inflation Fears

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When inflation is rising and clients are anxious, you want to have productive conversations that help them cope.

Here you’ll find behavior-based conversation starters, market insights and education, and investment ideas to help you do it.

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Understanding Investors’ Behavioral Biases

Financial stress can bring out perceptions and biases that lurk under the surface. Clients can get diverted from the path you’ve laid out together.

Knowing more about these biases can help you guide your clients to make better decisions. Get insights from experts in behavioral science including author and Harvard professor Cass Sunstein. View full bio

Inflation Fears Can Bring Out Biases

A few biases often come to the fore during economic stresses such as high inflation. Professor Cass Sunstein explains.

Having awareness of biases, such as overconfidence, loss aversion, or recency bias can help people make really good choices.
Cass Sunstein, Professor, Harvard University

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Catch Up On Inflation Insights

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Find biases, insights and education, and practical investment ideas by client segment.

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Investment Growth

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Use these tools to help your clients understand inflation’s effect on investments.


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