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Electronic Notification and Delivery Agreement

for American Century Investments Brokerage Accounts

  • "You" means the account owner(s) of the account.

  • Us” means American Century Brokerage a division of American Century Investment Services, Inc.

  • "Account Communications" means account statements, trade confirmations or other notifications, disclosures and other information related to your account including without limitation prospectuses, quarterly, semi-annual or annual shareholder reports, proxy statements, and legal and regulatory notices and documents.

  • "Authorized User" means a person that you have authorized to be provided a user ID which enables access to your account online.

You agree that American Century Brokerage and your clearing broker Pershing LLC (Pershing) may make the account communications available in an electronic form as described herein instead of mailing them in paper form.

Account communications will be made available to you online via a website maintained by Pershing on behalf of American Century Brokerage (the "website"). Account communications will be available in portable document format (PDF). You affirm that you have installed a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or other software application that enables you to view and print your account communications. You may print or save a copy of any of the account communications at any time. You may request a mailed copy of any of your account communications by contacting us.

An electronic mail ("e-mail") notification will be sent when account communications are available to be accessed on the website. The e-mail will provide you with the URL of the website. The e-mail notification(s) will be sent to the e-mail address(es) you provided to us. You may view and verify your e-mail address(es) via the website, and change the e-mail address(es) through the website or by contacting us.

In the event that a notice of undeliverable status of an e-mail notification is received by Pershing, Pershing may send a paper notification by U.S. mail to the postal address you provided to us. The paper notification will notify you of the availability of Account Communications on the website, provide the URL of the website where Account Communications may be accessed, and direct you to update your email address.

In the event of an e-mail notification failure as defined by Pershing, Pershing may discontinue your enrollment in electronic delivery and reset your account communications delivery preferences so that future documents will be delivered to your mailing address of record in paper form. Paper subscription fees will apply as defined in the Commissions and Fees schedule.

If you lose access to the website, you should contact us to have your access reinstated. By providing this Electronic Delivery Consent, you affirm that you have provided a valid e-mail address to us, have access to the Internet and are at least 18 years of age. You agree that electronic delivery of the account communications is deemed accepted, regardless of whether you access or view a particular account communication document. You acknowledge that any authorized users for your account are able to make changes to the electronic delivery settings for your account, and you agree to accept responsibility for such changes.

You may change your delivery preferences, such as resuming applicable paper account communications, by following the instructions on the website, or by contacting us for assistance.

Updated November 2, 2023