Retirement Insights

Caregivers: Take Care of Yourself, Too

The need to care for an aging spouse or parent can happen suddenly. Prepare now to avoid a strain on your finances and your future.

Full-Time, Part-Time? How to Retire On Time

Whether you’re a full-timer, gig worker or both, you can be the boss of your own retirement. Here’s what to know when choosing a retirement plan.

Diversification and Consolidation: Not Just Investing Jargon

Diversification and consolidation may sound like investment jargon, but they're both important concepts in a portfolio. One aims to help you manage risk, while the other focuses on managing goals.

Four Ways To Avoid Tapping Into Your Retirement Account

Using retirement savings for a bill today can cost you in taxes and later when you retire. Find four ways to get money and keep your nest egg intact.

4 Reasons to Rethink Cashing Out Your Retirement

It's tempting to cash out your savings during a cash crunch. While it's enticing to take the money now, find out why you should ignore that call.

Social Security for Women: What to Know

The rules for women and men are the same, but your strategy shouldn't be.

4 Facts to Know about Social Security

Get the facts now to make retirement easier down the road.

Beat the Buzzer on Taxes and IRA Contributions

The end of March means the tax filing deadline of April 15 is quickly approaching. Don't miss your shot at contributing to an IRA for 2018.

Will You Work Past Age 65?

Some expect to stay on the job longer to save more for retirement, pay down debt and have extra money for daily expenses.

Top 7 Retirement Life Hacks

Saving for your future should be a priority. Here are our top 7 retirement life hacks that may help make saving for retirement more doable.

The Roads to Smaller Social Security Checks, Part 1

Need a GPS to figure out the best path for claiming Social Security? Learn the common pitfalls that can permanently reduce your benefits.

The Five Retirement Myths

Approximately 10,000 Americans retire every day, but only 50 percent of them will have a great retirement. VP Michael Schoonmaker and Your Retirement Quest co-author Keith Lawrence tackle five myths that derail investors from their dream retirement.

Target-Date Funds: Not Just Popular for 401(k)s

Target-date funds are a common default option in 401(k) plans. Find out what's made these investments so attractive for retirement savers.

Roads to Smaller Social Security Checks, Part 2

Debt, taxes and Medicare—learn how they may impact your social security check in part two of our social security series.

Risk and Retirement Investing

Where you are on your own roadmap to retirement dictates the risk landscape around you. Learn how we navigate those risks in our portfolios.

Retirement Reality Check: Big Number Blindness

Some investors have a big, round number as a target for retirement. But how do you know it will be enough to live comfortably?

Me: Time to Figure Out My Investments

Setting goals is important, right? But does other "stuff" seem to take priority? Check out our tips for setting your goals in motion.

Maximizing Social Security: It's Personal

Did you know there are different strategies for taking Social Security? Learn why choosing one should be personal to your situation.

Kick-Start Your Retirement at Any Age

When it comes to retirement planning, time is precious. We have tips to help you jump-start your retirement planning at any age.

Hacking Retirement: More Tips to Help You Save

Need help saving for retirement? Review these 5 life hacks to get started or save more. Your future may depend on it.

5 Questions about Filing for Social Security

Social Security will be a large part of your overall retirement investing plan, so it's important to understand the basics.

4 Risks of Leaving Money in an Old 401(k)

Forget something when you left your last job? Find out if your old retirement money needs a new home.

SEPs & SIMPLEs: Power Up Your Business

Learn how providing a SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA could power up your small business—and its employees—with tax benefits.