Retirement Insights

Worried You’re Not Putting Enough Away for Retirement?

Some investors worry they’re not setting aside enough for retirement, but a more deliberate strategy may help.

Open a Roth IRA Today

The dream of tax-free income in retirement makes Roth IRAs a popular retirement savings option. Here’s how to open an account and get started.

When a 401(k) Might Not Be Enough

If you contribute to a 401(k) plan for your retirement, is an IRA necessary? We’ll look at the differences and share why you can—and should—have both.

Auto Enroll May Be a Win-Win

Learn how auto enrollment can be a good thing for workers but also provide tax benefits and other advantages for employers.

How FIRE Can Help Anyone Retire

The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement has gained momentum around younger investors, but this strategy can benefit those closer to retirement, too.

Social Security: One Size Does Not Fit All

Hear Financial Consultants Tony Marquez, CFP® and Chris Goodwin as they walk through different scenarios for claiming, filing early or late, working while claiming social security and more.

Don’t Fall for These 4 Retirement Planning Myths

You're thinking ahead and saving up for retirement. But are some common myths sabotaging your planning efforts?

What to Consider Before Taking Social Security Early

Does it ever make sense to claim your Social Security benefits early? Learn some possible reasons to consider claiming sooner.

What Is a Target-Date Fund?

Should you choose a target-date fund for your retirement plan investments? Find out if it’s a good idea for you and how to choose the right one.

How Much Money Do You Need to Save for Retirement?

Are you saving enough money for retirement? Find out how much you need to save to make sure you have enough to support yourself when you retire.

How to Manage Longevity Risk

What exactly is longevity risk? Learn why it's a concern to retirees and pre-retirees and how to help effectively manage it.

Low-Risk Investments to Consider for Uncertain Times

If you're retired or close to it, you may be worried about the market. Learn about lower-risk places to keep your retirement money.

Ask These 5 Questions to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Need to know more about social security? Here are answers to five common questions about filing for social security benefits.

How to Use Catch-Up Contributions to Stay on Plan

The pandemic caused a lot of people to pause retirement contributions or borrow from their 401(k) and IRAs. Here's how you can catch up on your goals.

Retirement Income: Shape Your Future

Hear strategies to help overcome risks to your savings and for building a retirement portfolio. Plus, you’ll hear actionable steps to help create your plan.

On Track for Retirement? How to Save in Your 40s & 50s

How should you save for retirement in your 40s and 50s? Learn tips and strategic moves like paying down high-interest debts.

How Investing for Retirement Changes at 50

How can people in their 50s and 60s invest their retirement money in a way that may help with risk now that they're closer to finally retiring?

5 Smart Ways to Make Money in Retirement

Looking to make some money to supplement your retirement savings? Learn some easy ways retirees can earn additional income, including part-time jobs.

Busy Biz Owners: Find Time for Retirement Planning

It's hard to find the time to plan for retirement when you're a busy small business owner—but it's important to do. Learn your options and plan ahead.

What’s the Best Retirement Plan for Business Owners?

As a small business owner, you don’t get a 401(k) or other retirement account from an employer. So what kind of retirement plan options do you have?

Is Your Income Up and Down? Here’s How to Save for Retirement

It can be hard to save and budget for retirement when your income changes from month to month. Learn how to build a strategy that allows you to save.

Is an HSA the Secret to More Retirement Savings?

IRAs and 401(k) plans are great retirement accounts, but did you know that your HSA makes a great retirement tool too? Learn how they work.

RMDs: Should You Reinvest, Spend or Share Them?

Once you turn 72, you'll need to take an annual RMD from your retirement accounts. What can you do with the money if you don't need it?

What’s the difference between a SEP and SIMPLE IRA?

What is a SEP IRA or a SIMPLE IRA? Learn the differences between the two to decide which one is right for your small business, you and your employees.

CARES Act: Your Questions, Answered

Get details about the scope of the emergency relief package, with specifics about how it impacts your retirement accounts.

I've Maxed Out My Employer Retirement Plan -- Now What?

So you've maxed out your 401(k) or employer retirement plan—where do you go next? Learn how to make the most of your money with these smart options.

Know the Original Medicare Options: Parts A, B and D

As the main health insurance for retirees, see what’s covered under Original Medicare for hospital, medical and drugs.

Medicare Advantage: Eligibility, Costs, Coverage

Under Medicare Part C, enrollees can choose from private plans. Learn more about costs and coverage.

Give Yourself a Gift for the Future: An IRA

Why not give yourself a gift for the future this year by saving in a new or existing Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?

The M-A-G-I-C Plan For Retirement

It’d be nice if you could wave a wand and get answers you need for retirement. But who has one of those? Instead, use our M-A-G-I-C Plan to help you prepare for the future.

Investing for Income: What You Should Know

The transition from saving to spending in retirement can raise a few questions. Get the answers to what you should know before you cross into retirement.

Reasons to rethink cashing out your retirement plan

It's tempting to cash out your retirement savings when you need money, but there are penalties and tax factors to consider, plus lost growth.

Retirement Transition: It’s Not What You Think

Retirement is a series of transitions. Explore the stages and things you may want to consider for your finances and wellbeing.

Tax Time: Close Out 2020 With an IRA Contribution

The countdown is on to get your taxes in order—and make your final IRA contributions.

Find out how much more you’ll pay for 2021 Medicare changes

You may need to budget for additional expenses with new changes to Medicare for 2021, with increases in premiums, deductibles and co-payments.

Find out what's changed with Social Security

Higher benefits and maximums offer a mixed outlook. Review our top five 2021 changes.

Retirement Reality Check

Some investors have a big, round number as a target for retirement. But how do you know it will be enough to live comfortably?

4 Risks of Leaving Money in an Old 401(k)

Forget something when you left your last job? Find out if your old retirement money needs a new home.

Do I Still Need a Budget in Retirement?

When it’s time to stop working, don’t retire your budget too. A good budget plays a critical role in helping you cover expenses in retirement.

Retirement Income Planning

Learn how to turn your retirement savings into steady income after you stop working, including withdrawal strategies to help make your money last.

Not Sure When to Retire? This Quiz Can Help

How do you know when you're ready to retire? Take our quiz to see if you’re close to being ready to retire or if you still need to save more.

What Will Retirement REALLY Look Like?

Travel, more time, same lifestyle or better? Our expectations may differ from the experiences of current retirees. How to manage expectations for your future.

Check in on your retirement savings based on your age

How much should you have saved for retirement by any given age? We’ve got smart retirement tips, goals and checkpoints for any age and income level.

Employers: 8 Ways the SECURE Act May Affect You

The SECURE Act is here. Find out what the new rules mean for you—and your employees.

SECURE Act: 7 Impacts to Retirement Savings

Now that some major retirement rules have changed, how does your own plan hold up? Here's what to look for.

Family Money Talk: The Key to a Strong Financial Plan

Families should (but don’t) share financial plans. Here’s why.

Full-Time, Part-Time? How to Retire On Time

Whether you’re a full-timer, gig worker or both, you can be the boss of your own retirement. Here’s what to know when choosing a retirement plan.

Diversification and Consolidation: Not Just Investing Jargon

Diversification and consolidation may sound like investment jargon, but they're both important concepts in a portfolio. One aims to help you manage risk, while the other focuses on managing goals.

Four Ways To Avoid Tapping Into Your Retirement Account

Using retirement savings for a bill today can cost you in taxes and later when you retire. Find four ways to get money and keep your nest egg intact.

Social Security for Women: What to Know

The rules for women and men are the same, but your strategy shouldn't be.

4 Facts to Know about Social Security

Get the facts now to make retirement easier down the road.

Will You Work Past Age 65?

Some expect to stay on the job longer to save more for retirement, pay down debt and have extra money for daily expenses.

Seven Retirement Life Hacks

Saving for your future should be a priority. Here are our top 7 retirement life hacks that may help make saving for retirement more doable.

The Five Retirement Myths

Approximately 10,000 Americans retire every day, but only 50 percent of them will have a great retirement. VP Michael Schoonmaker and Your Retirement Quest co-author Keith Lawrence tackle five myths that derail investors from their dream retirement.

Risk and Retirement Investing

Where you are on your own roadmap to retirement dictates the risk landscape around you. Learn how we navigate those risks in our portfolios.

Me: Time to Figure Out My Investments

Setting goals is important, right? But does other "stuff" seem to take priority? Check out our tips for setting your goals in motion.

How Can You Maximize Social Security Benefits?

Learn ways you might maximize your Social Security benefits and other considerations to help make an informed choice.

Kick-Start Your Retirement at Any Age

When it comes to retirement planning, time is precious. We have tips to help you jump-start your retirement planning at any age.

Hacking Retirement: More Tips to Help You Save

Need help saving for retirement? Review these 5 life hacks to get started or save more. Your future may depend on it.