Web Alerts

Markets Move Fast . . .

American Century® Brokerage Web Alerts Can Help You Keep Pace

American Century Brokerage offers several different types of Web Alerts. These notifications keep you informed of changes in securities prices, as well as various events that occur in your brokerage account.

Alerts Available

  • Price, Volume and News Alerts
    Stay on top of the market by tracking the latest news and activity for the securities you choose. You can receive alerts when the securities price or volume goes above or below the thresholds you define.
  • Trade Alerts
    This service will send alerts to you any time you buy or sell securities for all of your accounts. For clients with taxable accounts, trade alerts are a great way to remind you to confirm your cost basis method for shares covered under the cost basis rules.
  • Activity Alerts
    Receive alerts when any non-trade activity takes place in your account, such as dividends received or reinvested cash income.
  • Margin Call Alerts
    We'll send you an alert when a margin call is generated. Margin call alerts are only visible for the account in which the activity or trade occurs.

Delivery Options

Choose to receive the information by email or by text message.

What Do I Need to Access Web Alerts Online?

  1. An American Century Brokerage account
  2. A User Name and Password with secure online access to your brokerage account

Steps to Access Web Alerts

  1. Log In with your User Name and Password
  2. If taken to the:
    • My Total Assets page, select Account Access, under the brokerage account
    • Account Summary page, select Brokerage Account Access
  3. Select the Profile Settings icon on the top right

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