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Variable Portfolio Funds
Dividends-Received Deduction for Corporate Investors

Updated for 2023

Corporate taxpayers are generally entitled to a deduction for dividends received from another domestic corporation. To determine the amount of dividends qualifying for this deduction, multiply the total ordinary dividends received during the calendar year 2023 by the percentage found in the table.

Please note that the dividends received deduction is subject to holding period requirements and other eligibility criteria and limitations.

Fund Name

Percentage to Apply to Ordinary Dividends*

VP Avantis Global Equity Allocation Fund


VP Balanced Fund1, 3


VP Capital Appreciation Fund1, 3


VP Disciplined Core Value Fund1, 3


VP Growth Fund1, 2


VP Inflation Protection Fund1, 3


VP International Fund1, 3


VP Large Company Value Fund1, 3


VP Mid Cap Value Fund1, 3


VP Ultra® Fund1, 3


VP Value Fund1, 3


* Ordinary dividends includes net investment income distributions and short-term capital gain distributions

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American Century Investments Variable Portfolio Funds (VP Funds) are a series of investment choices available exclusively through variable annuity and variable universal life products. There are no plans to distribute VP Funds in any other way. Performance will vary based on the fees and expenses assessed with investments in variable insurance products. Those charges are disclosed in the separate account prospectus.

The VP Funds are managed by the same management team using the same objectives, approach, and philosophy as the retail fund. The VP portfolios are managed in a manner that under normal circumstances should produce similar performance. However, it is important to note that there are additional fees and charges assessed with investments in variable insurance products, those charges are disclosed in the separate account prospectus. The fees and charges will reduce returns when compared to that of the retail fund. There is no guarantee that the management team will achieve the same or similar performance in the future.

On March 26, 2024, the VP Growth Fund was liquidated.

On April 26, 2024, this fund was reorganized into a substantially similar series and class of Lincoln Variable Insurance Products Trust. Please see the prospectus supplement dated April 4, 2024, for more information.

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